Double column Machining-center OKUMA MCV-AⅡ 20×40の画像

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Double column Machining-center MCV-AⅡ20×40 Detailed information

Name Double column Machining-center
Item ID 930920KIY-1
Model MCV-AⅡ20×40
Year 2004
Specification OSP-P-200M(S-KIT) Conversation I-MAP 3D-D
Between column: 2050 T: 4100×1500 
X-4000 Y-2000 Z-450 W-1150
Table to Spindle: 0~1530 Max load:12t
30~6000rpm BT-50 ATC-50 Tool offset:300
Memory 2560m Angle head90°Manual  
Rigid TAP-Ⅱ Helical interporation User task 2
Real 3D simulation Work coordinate pair:200