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Contour machine

Contour machine LUXO L-900

2.0KVA  3 phase 1.5KW

Contour Machine AMADA V-400

Capacity:250×400 Tilt:back and forth 5°  Max load: 150Kg  Saw blade: 4~13×0.9t×3375~3535

Contour machine NCC NCC-400

Capacity : 300h×395   T : 700×700 1.5Kw   

Contour Machine NCC NCC-300

Capacity:150×300 T:500×500  Tilt Angle: Left, Right and Front 15° Back 5°  Blade:2400~2600mm

Contour machine NCC NCC-300

Contour machine AMADA V-300

Capacity:150×300  Tilt Angle::Left, Right and Front 15°Back 5°  Saw blade: 2~13×0.65t×2400~2600


Contour machine AMADA V-500

Capacity:300×500 Max load: 200Kg  Saw blade: 2~19×0.65t×3750~3950


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