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Stone Surface Plate SEKIGAHARA 600×600×130



CNC Gun Drill MIROKU MSG-300-1

Bore φ3~10×300mm  High‐pressure pump 10.5Mpa  2,300~6,900rpm (Variable speed invertor)   30~110㎜/ min(Variable speed invertor)  Toggle cl…

Stone Surface Plate MITUTOYO KN-815

2500×1340×360  3D Coordinate machine


Arm:820 88~1500rpm MT-4 1.5Kw

Upright Drill KIRA KRTG-540

60~1400rpm Round table  With rotary table 

Band saw AMADA H-1300

Capacity: φ1300 □1600w×1300h  Hydraulic wide vise Table stroke-1800mm  Table load: 26ton  Ultra wide saw blade: 65×1.6×11,880  12~44 m/…

T-slot Surface Plate 1600×750×90

1600×750×90  With stand(Height: 850)

Precision Surface Grinder KURODA GS-65PFⅡ

MG chuck:700×500 Grind motor:Metal bearing specification  Spindle inverter:0~2300min-1 3.7Kw  Vertical and cross feed: AC servo motor (0.1…


80-1400rpm Round table  with Rotary table 

Vertical Lathe TOSHIBA TD-40/ 65S

φ6500 T:φ4000 4jaw chuck  0.8~40rpm(18steps) AC75Kw(Invertor)   Table load:50t Rotation force: 16t・m   Table to under cross rail: 4000mm …


37kw  3-phase 200V(50Hz)/200・220V(60Hz) 0.7MPa  Air Volume: 6.6㎥/min  Inverter・integrated dryer

Hydraulic Press Stright side KAWASAKI YUKO FMP2-500

500ton electronic pressure & flow control  Pressure adjust:42~210kgf/㎠  Bolster: 2000×1500 Slode: 2000×1500   Day light: 1500mm Stroke:12…


T:1100×250 250~4000rpm(Stepless) NT-40  X-550 Y-250 Z-350  Quill-100 3 Axis Digital  Raising Block Knee Vertical Fast-forward


Turret Milling OKUMA HOWA STM-2R

T:1350×310 X-710 Y-300 Z-410  85~3000rpm NT-40 

CNC Horizontal Boring Mill KURAKI KBT-15DX・ANP

FANUC-15MA   T:1600×1800×2APC  X-3000 Y-2000 Z-1300 W-700 B-0.001   Table to spindle: 0~1800mm  5~2000rpm BT-50 AC26Kw  ATC-60 …

Vertical Machining-center YASUDA YBM-950V

F-30iA T:540×1080 ATC-30  X-900 Y-500 Z-350 20,000rpm  Spindle cooling system Table load:800kg

Vertical Machining-center MAKINO V56

Professional-5 T:1050×550 ATC-25  X-900 Y-550 Z-450 Table Load:800Kg  50~20000rpm HSK-A63  Table~Spindle:150~600mm  Bite Tool Cutting Ad…

Vertical Machining Center MAKINO V55

Professional 3 T:1000×500  X-900 Y-500 Z-450 20000rpm  HSK-63 ATC-15 Super GI control  Moreless scale feed back 1μm  Trough spindle cool…

Horizontal Machining-center MAKINO MCC2513-A60

Professional 5 T:2900×1000  X-2500 Y-1300 Z-1000 B-0.0001°  15000rpm HSK-A100 ATC-60  Table to spindle: 75~1425mm Load: 12000㎏  Rotary t…

CNC Vertical Turning-center OM TMD-40/45M

F-18iTB φ4550×2800h   4jaw chuck φ4000 Lathe ATC/AAC-12  0.6~80rpm(Valiable speed)AC55Kw Max load:20,000Kg  Rotation force:80000Nm Cuttin…

Hobing Machine KASHIFUJI KS-300

Capacity:φ300 Module:6   Hob saddle vertical S-250 Hob head angle 45°  Table:φ300 Boreφ82  Hob cutter:150×180 150-600rpm Hob shift:130

T-slot Surface Plate 2000×800×100

T: 2000×800×100 (above floor level 880)  With stand

CNC Vertical Turning-center OM TMS2-32/37

F-10T  φ3.7m×1.3m  10 jaw hydraulic chuck T:φ3.2m 1~80rpm 37Kw  Load:10,000Kg  X-1480 Z-850 W-750  Table~under cross rail:800~1550mm  …

Automatic welding machine PANASONIC YD-180R-2

Compressor MITSUI Z-376A

37Kw Screw

Bed Type Vertical Milling OKK MH-3V

NT50 T1650×380 48~1600rpm  X-920 Y-300 Z-400

Vertical Lathe OM TMS2-20/55

φ5500 Table:φ2000+φ4000  Work height:1600mm Ram tilt:30°  Table load:20t   Rotation force:4000Kg・m  Cutting force:3000Kg Bite:□40mm  Ma…

Band saw AMADA H-550EⅡ

Capacity : φ200-480 □200-550×480h  Buttress blade : 38×1.4×4880 5.5Kw 


Capacity: φ10~260 □260    Auto cut length Max:750mm (single feed)×Multi 6750mm   Saw blade: 3830×27×0.9 18~110m/min

CNC Vertical Turning-Lathe OKUMA V100R

P-200L LAP-4 φ1250×890 X-565 Z-890  φ1000 Chuck  4-1250rpm Main motor 37/45Kw   V-12 Turret Mill-3000rpm 5.5Kw   Automatic-Manua…

Precision Surface Grinder OKAMOTO PSG-105DX

Mg chuck:1000×500 Wheel:φ355×38×φ127   X-1150 Y-540 Max load : 700 kg  High precision sliding surface Front-back fine movement   Rotary d…

T-slot Surface Plate 3520×2000×4sets


Surface Grinder OKAMOTO PSG-157

MG chuck:1500×700   Coolant device with MG separator & Paper filter   2 axis scale Upper dresser Oil cooler  Spare grinde spindle Spare w…

Vertical Machining-center MAKINO V55

Professional-3 T:1000×500 X-900 Y-500 Z-450  20000rpm HSK-63 ATC-80 Super GI control  Moreless scale feed back 1μm  Through spindle coola…

Bed type Vertical Milling OKK MH-3VⅡ

T:1650×380 X-920 Y-350 Z-450  45~1600rpm NT-50 3axis digital scale

Bed type Vertical Milling OKK MH-2V

T:1310×300 X-720 Y-260 Z-360  60~1800rpm NT-50  3axis digital scale

CNC Vertical Turning-Lathe OKUMA HOWA V-25R

F-18iT φ350×300 X-180 Z-300  8inch Hydraulic chuck 40~4000rpm V10Turret  □25

CNC Vertical Turning-Lathe OKUMA HOWA V-25R

F-18iT φ350×300 X-180 Z-300  8inch Hydraulic chuck 40~4000rpm V10Turret  □25

Vertical Machining-center MITSUI VU65A

F-16M  T:1500×600 X-1280 Y-650 Z-610  200~20,000rpm NT40  Auto tool length measurment(Fixed type)Tool breakage detection combined type  …

T-slot Surface Plate 2500×750 (960702KUN-1-2)

T:2500×750 With stand   

T-slot Surface Plate 2500×750 (960702KUN-2-2)

T : 2500×750 

Surface Plate 1600×1800×165

1600×1800×165 (With stand: height 750)

Mist collector AMANO EM-60eH

3.7kw/200V  60m3/min

Vertical Lathe OM TMS2-20/55

φ5500 Boring Mill Jaws  Table:φ2000  Work height:1600mm Ram tilt:30°  Table load:20t   Rotation force:4000Kg・m  Cutting force:3000Kg Bi…

Flat Type CNC Lathe DAINICHI DL95×1500

F-20-TA φ950×1500 Cross: φ630  Spindle: 18.5Kw  φ800 4 jaw independent chuck 12-900rpm Square turret Bite□32  Carbic turret Bore:φ85   Ta…

Long Vertical Machining-center FUJI SEIKI FMC-6/20V

F-18iM T:2200×630 X-2000 Y-600 Z-560  110~3600rpm BT-50 ATC-16 Torque: 230N・m  Table~Spindle: 200~760㎜   High pressour coolant ト0.3MPa Co…

Flat type CNC Lathe DAINICHI DL53×100

F-20T φ530*1000   Carriage pitchφ300   JN10T Scroll   16-1600rpm 7.5Kw 

Vertical Band Saw AMADA VM3800

Capacity : 3800×800×600 T : 1788×4170   Auto-Feed S-3850 10-90m/min  Blade : 67×1.6×6400mm 7.5Kw

Contour machine LUXO L-900

2.0KVA  3 phase 1.5KW

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