5axis Double column Machining-center	OKUMA	VMP-10の画像

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5axis Double column Machining-center VMP-10 Detailed information

Name 5axis Double column Machining-center
Item ID 951225KUN-1
Model VMP-10
Year 1997
Specification F-15MB Between column:1000 T:□800×2APC ATC-50
X-1650 Y-1000 Z-1000 B-150°(30~+120°) 
B-±360 B-0.001 C-0.001
20~6,000rpm BT-50 11/15Kw
Scale feed back (XYZ axis)
Oil hole cutting oil device Herical cutting  
3D coordinate transformation Tool tip coordinate display
High speed remote buffer Work coordinate system 48 pairs
Multi-buffer Oli mist device Mist collector Chip conveyor 2 sets of Tooling block