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Cylindrical Grinder RANDIS- Nippei 4RPL-24×120

φ646×2851mm Between center:3048mm  Wheel:φ610×150×φ304.8 1080rpm  Work weight:1350Kg   Work head:MT-5+A1-6 dead & live  3Jaw chuck  Tail…

CNC Profile Grinder WASHINO GLS-680H

F-16M 0.0001mm T:300×250  Table stroke:Z-200 V-135 Elevator-100  Spindle stock:X-170 Y-100 Rotate-±10  Platform:0~80mm 30~80spm   Wheel:…

CNC Surface Grinder OKAMOTO PSG-158DXNC

F-32i MG chuck:1500×800  X-1750 Y-860 Z-720  Wheel:φ510×50×φ127 700~1500rpm 15Kw  Wheel continuously variable transmission  Oil cool…

CNC Surface Grinder OKAMOTO PSG-158DXNC

F-32i MG chuck:1500×800  X-1750 Y-860 Z-720  Wheel:φ510×50×φ127 700~1500rpm 15Kw  Wheel continuously variable transmission  Oil cool…

Surface Grinder OKAMOTO PSG-208B

MG chuck 2000×800 Wheelφ510×50×φ127   980rpm 7.5Kw Left right 2150×Front back 830mm   Table~under wheel 695mm Overhead wheel dresser  …

Surface Grinder OKAMOTO PSG-63DX

FX controller  MG chuck:600×300  Wheel:φ355/305×38×φ127 1500/1800rpm 3.7Kw

Surface Grinder NAGASHIMA NAS-520F

MG cuck:500×200 Coolant tank  Wheel:φ255×25×φ50.8 3600rpm 3.7kw  3axis digital scale

Form Grinder OKAMOTO PFG-500Ⅱ

T: 600×140 MG:380×110×130  Wheel : φ180*6-32*φ31.75  Wheel motor : 1.5kw  XY axis digital scale  Coolant tank

Form Grinder OKAMOTO MM-350

T: 360×190 X-390 Y-210 

Form Grinder MITSUI MSG-205M

T:480×160  Table~Wheel axial core:450mm  Wheel:φ205×20×31.75mm 2900rpm  Electric Motor:1.0kW/2P V-3  Power Supply:3 phase 200V  Power Su…

Rotary Grinder ICHIKAWA ICB-1150

MG chuck:φ1016 Swing:φ1100  From chuck-410mm 3~18rpm  Wheel size:φ550  Wheel:50×25×120×18p 725rpm

Rotary Grinder SANSEI GK-8

Mg chuckφ800 Swingφ1000×H430  Whetstoneφ610×75×φ203.2 940rpm 15Kw  MG chuck10~90rpm

Rotary Grinder ICHIKAWA ICB-603

MG chuckφ500 Internal swing of coverφ600  260mm from chuck 2.5~27rpm  Whetstone 50×25×120×10 pieces 1160rpm  Coolant tank with MG separ…

CNC Centerless Grinder NISSIN HI-GRIND-2NC

F-18TB  Workpiece:φ2~100 Circumferential speed:45m/s   In feed length: 200mm  Wheel:φ610×205×φ304.8 1400rpm 22KwUP  Hydrostatic bearing…

Cylindrical Grinder OKUMA GP34×50

φ330×500 Center load:150Kg  Wheel:φ405×75×φ127 1570/ 2235rpm 3.7Kw   Work spindle:25~300rpm MT-4   MG separator & coolant tank  Wheel ba…

Universal Cylindrical Grinder TOYODA GUP-32-100

φ320×1000 Work weight:150Kg  Wheelφ355×50×φ127  Spindle:1795・2195rpm   Spindle head・Tail stock:MT-4  Work head:16~500rpm  2axis digital  …

Universal Cylindrical Grinder TOYODA GUS32-100

φ320×1000 Internal grinder φ40~70 G790 H  Wheel φ355×50×φ127 Work weight 150Kg  Work head: dead & live Work spindle angle:90~30°  MT-4 16…

Cylindrical Grinder TOYOTA GUP10-30

φ200×300 Max load:20Kg  Wheel:φ305×38×φ127 2085・2575rpm 2.2Kw  Spindle stock rotation:30~-30° Table rotation:12.5~-7°  Spindle stock MT-2…

Cylindrical Grinder SHIGIYA GU27-100H

φ270×1000 Max load: 120Kg  Wheel: φ355×32×φ152.4  Spindle: 38~300rpm  Spindle/ Tail stock: MT-4   Internal grinder  Work rest Work setti…


Cylindrical Grinder SHIGIYA GP-30B-100A

φ300×1000 Workpiece weight: 130Kg   Grinding wheel: φ405×φ152.4 1563rpm 3.7Kw  Spindle: 24-302rpm 3.7Kw  Spindle stand and tailstock: MT…

Gear Grinder MAAG SD-32X

Capacity:φ320 Module:1~12  Teeth number:10~150 Work weight:60kg 


Bench Universal Grinder IIDA GT-200


Clamping stroke 508mm  Frange Diameter φ355  Hydraulic clamping force:25t  Media cylinder φ150×317mm  Media capacity 5600cc  Media pres…

Extrude Hone EXTRUDE HONE Vector 6/6



Drill grinder  UTSUNOMIYA USP-T13-2

High Speed Steel Carbide: φ2.0-13.0  Tip angle: N-type 90 ° -135 °, X-type: 118 ° -125 °  Wheel: φ125 × 23 × φ36 Borazon

Drill Grinder TOA TDP-50M

Capacity:φ6~50mm  Tip angle 60°~180° Thinning device

Drill Grinder TOA TDP-50C

Capacity:φ6~50mm  Tip angle 60°~180° Thinning device 

Double Ends Grinder YODOGAWA KG-255TH


Full auto・Auto notching system  Chuck 600×400 Vertical and cross feed digital scale  Dust collector Automatic upper dresser  Paper filt…


Horizontal spindle Rotary Grinder OKAMOTO PRG-6

MG chck:φ600 Swing:φ750  Mg chuck~under eheel:200mm  Table:20~150rpm Tilt angle:±3°  Wheel:φ355×(38~50)×φ127 1,600rpm 7.5kw/4p


Surface Grinder OKAMOTO OMA-350

Wheel Size:φ180×6-16×φ31.75 MGChuck  Wheel Motor::1.5kw 2P


Surface Grinder OKAMOTO PSG-125B

MG chuck 1200×500  Wheel : φ510×50×φ127  Over head dresser Spare wheel frange  Oil cooler MG separator type coolant tank

Precision Forming Surface Grinding Machine KURODA GS-BMHF

Full-auto  T:500×150 MG:380×110×125   Wheel:180×6-22×31.75  2800rpm 0.75kW×4P  YZ axis digital scale


Surface Grinder OKAMOTO PSG-63DX

FX controller  MG chuck:600×300  Wheel:φ355/305×38×φ127 1500/1800rpm 3.7Kw 


Horizontal spindle Rotary Grinder SANSEI SS-500

MG chuckφ500 Internal swing of coverφ550×125h  Table: 50~300rpm  Vertical -190 Cross-280  Whetstone:φ355×38×127 1620rpm 7.5Kw   Coolant t…


Centerless Grinder NISSIN HI-GRIND2

Work piece: φ2~100 Circumferential : 45m/s In feed length: 200㎜  Wheel: φ610*205*φ304.8 1400rpm 22KwUP  Regulating wheel: φ355*205*φ17…


Horizontal Spindle Rotary Grinder SANSEI SS-5

MG chuckφ500 Internal swing of coverφ550  Chuck surface~Whetstone bottom:150mm 30~200rpm  Whetstoneφ305×38×φ127 Cross 280mm


Internal Grinder OKAMOTO IGM-2M

Capacityφ6~200×200mm Grind stroke:200mm   Internal Grinde Stroke:10,000/15,000/30,000 rpm  Swingφ600 Table:500mm 8inch 3 jaw chuck  Work …


Shot Blast FUJI SG-6AT-NS-408

Frontage 1500 × Depth 1600  Work entrance:250×135  Dust collector DK-7218-22 (Explosion-proof type)


Centerless Grinder ohmiya OC-12A

Wheel Size:Outer diameter 305×Width 100×Inner diameter 180  Wheel speed:2000rpm  Max wheel circumferential speed:1900m/min


Rotary Grinder ICHIKAWA ICB-1000

MG chuckφ800 Internal swing of coverφ1000  Chuck surface to Whetstone bottom:260mm  Table:2~24rpm  Grinding spindle:φ450  Whetstone 50×…


Cylindrical Grinder SHIGIYA GU40-100A

φ410×930 Max load:150Kg   Wheel:φ355×32×φ152.4 1675・1995rpm 3.7Kw  Spindle:Dead & Live 28~303rpm MT-4  MG separator & grind tank


Rotary Grinder ICHIKAWA ICB-240

MG chuckφ610 Internal swing of coverφ800  Chuck surface~Whetstone bottom:270mm 2.5~27rpm  Whetstone 50×25×120×12pieces 970rpm 11kW


Precision Surface Grinder KURODA GS-65PFⅡ

MG chuck:700×500 Grind motor:Metal bearing specification  Spindle inverter:0~2300min-1 3.7Kw  Vertical and cross feed: AC servo motor (0.1…


Precision Surface Grinder OKAMOTO PSG-105DX

Mg chuck:1000×500 Wheel:φ355×38×φ127   X-1150 Y-540 Max load : 700 kg  High precision sliding surface Front-back fine movement   Rotary d…


Surface Grinder HITACHI GHL-B512NS

MGchuck:1250×500 Wheelφ500×50t×φ127  1000rpm 7.5Kw Min grain depth of cut 0.0001㎜  MGseparator & Coolant tank Over head dresser


Surface Grinder OKAMOTO PSG-157

MG chuck:1500×700   Coolant device with MG separator & Paper filter   2 axis scale Upper dresser Oil cooler  Spare grinde spindle Spare w…


Surface Grinder OKAMOTO PSG-63AN

T:600×300  MG separator type coolant tank  Z axis digital scale  Wheel & Spare wheels 

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