CNC Hobing Machine KN-150Des informations détaillées

Nom CNC Hobing Machine
ID de larticle 950218KIY-1
Modèle KN-150
Année 1994
spécification F-31iMB 6axis control X Y Z A C Baxis
Number of simultaneous control axes:5
φ150 Module4 Hob suddle vertical S-400
Hob head:45°Hob:100~850rpm
Teeth number:4~1000 
Master worm:3 Work table:100rpm 
Hob:φ110×180 Hob shift:130mm
Between center:15~150mm
Table to Support arm:190~800mm
Helical gear correction circuit
Tape storage editing 64Kbite
Custom macro Common variable 600sets
Mist collector Magnet conveyor
Many hob cutters Other