Precision Surface Grinder GS-65PFⅡGenaue Information

Name Precision Surface Grinder
Artikel ID 961108KIY-1
Modell GS-65PFⅡ
Jahr 2019
Spezifikation MG chuck:700×500 Grind motor:Metal bearing specification
Spindle inverter:0~2300min-1 3.7Kw
Vertical and cross feed: AC servo motor (0.1μm control)
Longitudinal feed: Energy-efficient hydraulic unit, separate from grinding machine body
Wheel flange: φ127
Automatic dressing on the table (with soft)
Hydraulic fluid temperature controller: Grinding fluid heat exchange specification
SUS wet type cover
Dust collector/coolant device (SUS tank 100L, 40L/min with magnetic separator and manual paper filter)